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Tom Ryan's Stinky Feet Scott Sniff Socks ,  Tom Ryan
I recently stumbled upon Tom whilst I was out and about. Got chatting and ended up asking him over to mine. One thing led to another and he ended up letting me sniff his rank feet. Tom is 18, completely straight and has gorgeous feet. Size 9, soft, smooth and very smelly. Fresh smelly, if you know what I mean. He says he can shower and his feet stink within an hour. That's my kind of lad! I got to work on the fit lads stinky toes and socks and couldn't believe my luck. He was very verbal too, telling me I'm a dirty foot sniffing cunt. Yes, I am! Fucking hell this lad is fit, can't wait to get him back!

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Changing Room Diaries 5 - After Match Antics Part 2 Brandon Moore ,  Bruce Powers
It's getting fucking hot and sweaty in the changing room now, and the lads ain't stopping! Brandon sucks on Bruce's massive scally cock and teases the lads bell end with his talented mouth. Bruce loves arse, and he flips Brandon over and gets his face deep in the lads sweaty crack. Spitting constantly on his pink hole, he then fingers the lad and makes him scream with pleasure... Fuck yeah! Now it's time for his monster cock to be stuffed up him, BAREBACK! Brandon rides the sweaty monster cock and gets ready for a huge load of jizz straight in his face. FUCK YEAH!

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Changing Room Diaries 5 - After Match Antics Brandon Moore ,  Bruce Powers
Due to massive popular demand, the cameras have been put back into the changing rooms! On this episode, the gorgeous Bruce Powers is back with his partner in crime, Brandon Moore, who after a sweaty footie match, get proper down and dirty. Bruce's socks are fucking RANK and Brandon is quick to kneel down and get them all over his face. Socks off, his tongue quickly goes between Bruce's perfect toes and licks off the lads sweat... Bruce's hard cock is throbbing through his silky shorts and it's not long before it's out and in hungry Brandon's mouth. These 2 are fucking incredible!

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Changing Room Diaries 4 Part 2 AJ Alexander ,  Brent Taylor
Stinky socks, sweaty footie boots, honking feet, yeah, the local football changing rooms are the best place for a raunchy fuck. And AJ and Brent are in the mood for some serious filth! AJ feasts on gorgeous Brent’s hairy arse and tongues his sweet hole, making sure it’s ready for a good, hard pounding! Brent, like a proper bloke, sits his bubble butt straight down on AJ’s monster meat. Taking in every inch and enjoying every minute. Seeing Brent squirt while he’s got AJ’s cock inside him is a treat and of course, AJ’s huge cumshot all over Brent’s feet will send you over the edge!

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