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Spanish Skater Feet Part 2 David Luca ,  David Paw
David Paw's sweaty bare feet fill the room with a stinky scent while David Luca sucks on the Spanish lads huge, fat cock. Paw uses Luca like the dirty sub boi he is - getting him to lick his hairy arsehole and gag on his monster cock before turning him over and ramming his cock in the sub lads hole. The screams are real, the fucking is raw and dirty - Paw wants to dump his load on Luca, and he fucks like there's no tomorrow. He shoots a massive load all over Luca's begging face and mouth and leaves the lad absolutely fucked (literally) - We love real, amateur, genuine lads fucking, and this is one of our best to date!

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Spanish Skater Feet David Luca ,  David Paw
Both these lads are new on ScottXXX and are sure to be a massive hit! David Luca is a total sub lad, he describes himself as a 'pig next door', which suits us here at ScottXXX! David Paw on the other hand is a fit, cocky Spanish lad with a huge cock and really perfect looking feet. When Paw and Luca met, it was obvious how the filming would go, Paw had a horny arrogance about him, while Luca was a little timid and shy. I knew he would get used, good and proper! Paw forces Luca straight down onto his all black Nike Airmax, soon after, they're off and Luca is inhaling Paw's stinky white socks. The poor sub has Paw's fingers forced into his mouth as well as his toes, oh, and spit too!

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Big Dick Bad Boys Part 2 Danny Low ,  Deacon Hunter
As if the last instalment wasn't hot enough, here's another 30 minutes of PURE, UNSCRIPTED, SCALLY, COCK SUCKING FILTH! Deacon's cheeky smile is soon knocked off his face with Danny's enormous cock. The young lad can't get enough of Danny's donkey dick, and sucks like a true pro, showing Danny that lads suck cock better than any woman! It ain't long before Danny is on his knees sucking on Deacons beautiful big knob - This straight lad can't get enough of his first ever cock, can you blame him? The pair enjoy each other and take their time building to their climaxes... Just wait til you see Danny's cumshot all over Deacons face! Fucking hot fuckers!

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Big Dick Bad Boys Danny Low ,  Deacon Hunter
UNSCRIPTED AND UNEDITED SCALLY FILTH! I was recently chilling out with donkey dick Deacon and straight bad lad Danny, having a few beers and a smoke. Danny and Deacon seemed to be getting on more than fine, then as the night went on... Danny's curiosity became clear... he wanted to suck his first dick. My camera came out quicker than Deacons cock! Danny couldn't believe the size of Deacons cock, but it sure as hell fitted nicely in his mouth! The 2 lads got it off all night long, sucking and slurping on each others big cocks and balls. The socks didn't come off and that's one thing that I enjoyed looking at! Sweaty lad socks in action!

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