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Smelly Sock Contest
You guys loved the last 2 updates! I've had so many of you dirty fuckers wanting to see even more of the horny duo - so here they are! Sometimes the simplest situations are the horniest - and I think this sock sniffing contest is up there in my top 5! After a long day on set, these lads still couldn't get enough of each others sweaty socked feet so I made them have a good, deep, hard sniff and rate each other's smell out of 10, with 10 being the worst! Find out what they scored each other on the cheese factor! I love working with Tony Parker and Callum Slater!

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Stinking Fucking Builders Part 2 Callum Slater ,  Tony Parker
The action doesn't stop in part 2 of this super hot film! Continuing from last week, the lads carry on worshipping each others sweaty socks and feet, taking in the damp, cheesy blokey smell. Both lads suck on each others big, fat knobs and heat things up with a bit of gobbin' too! Callum gets Tony exactly where he wants him: on his back with his legs spread and his feet in the air. Pressing his face hard against Tony's smelly socks, Callum starts rubbing his fingers all over Tony's sweaty crack. Giving him a deep tonguing, he shoots a HUGE load all over his hairy arsehole leaving Tony no choice but to blow his load too!

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Stinking Fucking Builders Callum Slater ,  Tony Parker
How many times have you looked at fit, scally builder lads and though to yourself, 'fuck yeah, bet their feet stink after a day at work'... Well, I always think it and fantasize about pressing my nose up against their damp, musky, sweaty socks after a hard day's graft... FUCK! ScottXXX resident foot freak, Tony Parker is back in this mega horned up film with newbie, fit fucker, Callum Slater. These lads ooze sex and it's only a matter of time before they're sniffing each others rank socks and cheesy feet. These lads mean business guys, so don't waste anymore time, get comfy and enjoy this ride!

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Underground Solo ft Callum Slater Callum Slater
Callum is a tall, lean, fit, hung, chav lad. He's a total bad boy but with a love of his mates honking (smelly) socks. When I met Callum for the first time, he explained his mates don't know about his love for their stinky socks. He secretly hunts for their used, dirty socks in their washing basket and knocks one out on them in the bathroom. I think we can relate to this, right lads? He also LOVES his own smell. So here he is, in all his glory, sniffing his own Airmax and sweaty, cheesy socks (trust me, they reek!) in an abandoned underground tunnel... Could this get any hornier?

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