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Caught by the Sparky! Matty Hudson ,  Tony Parker
When the electrician turned up at Tony's flat, he wasn't expecting Matty Hudson! Big, tall fucker Matty is a giant, and like all decent electricians. He takes his trainers off as he starts getting to work on the broken electric box. Pervy Tony can't help himself and reaches down for one of Matty's smelly TN's. He gets a bit too carried away and gets CAUGHT by the fit scally lad. What happens next is the ultimate scally fantasy! Pure VERBAL ABUSE and nasty foot forced worship. Not letting Tony up for air, Matty keeps his big, size 10 feet on the horny lad until he shoots a huge load of spunk.

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Straight Bait Scott Scott Sniff Socks
I met Scott online recently. He was looking for a woman to fuck. Obviously he wasn't going to get that with me, but I managed to talk him into coming over. He thought he was auditioning to be in a porn film with slutty girls, how wrong could he be?! We had a chat and he seemed to be curious about my foot fetish and although he isn't gay, he was totally up for having his feet massaged and worshipped. How could I say no?! Big size 10 feet. Very smelly (that mixture of feet/fags/sweat lad smell, ya know?) - I had a fucking great time, as you can see. I think he enjoyed it too!

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Gobbin' for Feet! Part 2 Brandon Moore ,  Bruce Powers
The lads return ready for a good hard raw pounding. Burying their faces in each others cracks, they tongue fuck each other ready for a sweaty hard fuck. Bruce gets Brandon down and dominates him with his big sweaty bare feet, looking down at him while he licks in between every perfectly shaped toe. Brandon is a cock hungry fucker and wants Bruce's big, throbbing cock up his arse. Bouncing on it, it touches the spots, with Bruce about to cum, he shoots a huge sticky load all over Brandon's hungry face then wipes his own load off the lads face with his feet. Brandon wastes no time in shooting his own seed onto Bruce's tasty feet. Fucking FIT!

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Gobbin' for Feet! Brandon Moore ,  Bruce Powers
THEY'RE BACK! ScottXXX's favourite scally lads are back in this awesome 2 part film, Gobbin' for Feet! These two are no strangers to the ScottXXX cameras and they never disappoint! Bruce kicks back and complains his feet are hurting from being on them at work all week... Brandon takes the opportunity to get down and have a play with the fit Manchester scally lads sweaty socked feet. Pulling off his dirty Nike Airmax, Brandon gets his face right on the smelly soles and gives Bruce a stonking hard on. It ain't long before the pair are gobbin' in each other's mouths, spitting beer, sucking cock and worshipping each others sexy feet. BOOM!

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